I gotta get where I’m going 4

After a bit of a hiatus, the I gotta get where I’m going series returns with coffee and cigarettes edition. I was told to name this one covefee and deathsticks, but I didn’t want to bias smokers because they already have to be smokers and that’s rough enough as it is. Besides, one of these things gives life and the other takes it away so perhaps I could have gone into full art want mode and called it: I gotta get where I’m going 4: life and death or I gotta get where I’m going 4: the prescience of transient thinking. Basically, I’m just trying to tell you that coffee is good and smoking is bad, m’kay.

I took most of these shots on the streets around Melbourne and Richmond with a Sony a7sii and a Zeiss 35mm lens.

These two shots were taken in Hobart during the Dark Mofo festival.

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