2017 Very Serious Year in Review


2017 Year in review

2017 was a giant year for me with life and career changes all over the place. Now is a great time to sit back and do a year in review to look over how I’ve progressed as a photographer and what 2018 has in store. I haven’t even included street photography in this post. More on that coming soon!

Perth Fringe World Festival

2017 started off for me with the always fantastic Perth Fringe World Festival where I set myself the goal of shooting every day, which I more than achieved. I was able to work with so many great artists and see so many fantastic shows including both Martin Sims award winning shows: Bus Boy and My Greatest Period Ever. My gallery for Fringe World is here but I’ve chose a few select shots included previously unpublished work below.


Theatre and Comedy

In March, I moved from Perth to Melbourne with a couple of projects straddling the time between my move: So You Think You’re Charlie Smith and Ode to Man. It was great to get stuck into shooting in both cities and experiencing the different scenes first hand. So You Think You’re Charlie Smith was my last promo shoot in Perth before I left and another chance to work with the fantastic Nat Di Risio and throw stuff at Pete Townsend.

Ode to Man was a fixture in my 2017 as I worked on three seasons of it and got to watch juggernaut of talent Emma Mary Hall fine-tune her work into a brutal takedown of douchbags (my review.) Emma would say something more intelligent about her work.

Around the middle of the year I shot across Melbourne International Comedy Festival as well flying back to Perth to work with Renegade Productions on their development of Renegade Church. The highlight was shooting with amazing comedian and terrible person, Bri Williams and stylist Ruby Slippers on Mummy Num Nums.

In between all of this I worked with young people in Dandenong and SeaACT to get some of these performers’ first ever headshots and did a few promo and production shots for Melbourne Fringe.


2018 and Beyond

There are a few things that I have in mind to do in 2018. I’d love to do more film set documentation, as I had a great time on the set of Twin Town at the start of the year. Possibly some wrestling, as I was lucky enough for Melbourne City Wrestling to let me play around at ringside for one of their events so that I could shoot a show after performing in them for more than a decade. One of my main goals is to shoot more music and of course do some weird projects like painting people’s faces and making performers do creepy stuff (sneak preview of that shoot below.) Who knows!?

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