Everyone is a photographer @ Sugar Mountain

When you’re at a big event like Sugar Mountain it’s easier to find a photographer than it is to get to a toilet.

The crowd of photographers and videographers are a mix of media, festival contractors and unfortunately all-to-often, volunteers. It’s unfortunately common in music and other arts for volunteer culture to shut many out of a market that used to exist. Just so you know, I have no idea if Sugar Mountain or the media at this event used volunteers or contractors, but it’s a matter-of-fact across the industry. Anyone who has stories about working music festivals, music or otherwise feel free to hit my up on the socials to chat about it.

The usual subjects are almost always packing the Canon 70-200mm (the big grey lens), which makes sense because it’s one of the best value for money lenses available and super flexible. My own pet theory is that the more experienced photographers pack light, because they know exactly how they like to work and what they need to get the shots in their style.

I’m often drawn to shooting other photographers, because of the simple fact that photography is one of the most popular and accessible art forms in the world.


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